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This is my personal web site.  I work for The Whitehall & Industry Group (WIG), they are a charity - not for profit, but for purpose; driven by a team passionate to improve mutual understanding and constructive collaboration between our top leaders.


I work on all our offerings for early careers including managing WIG’s Future Leaders Programme and I also run WIG’s one day ‘organisational raids’ programme.  This gives me invaluable expertise in structuring programmes and teams to make the most of cross-sector learning opportunities. To find out more about what the charity does see:  http://www.wig.co.uk

Before joining WIG I worked for IBM as a technical specialist, managed Industrial Trainees and recruited for IBM’s student and graduate development programmes.


12/06/22 - I am just rebuilding my web site, in the mean-time there is just this one page!


Get in touch: uk.linkedin.com/in/royhjohnson